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More on Kazmir

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Just to pass along what J.C. Bradbury told me:

Assuming that he continues to pitch as he has the past three years he will be a $20+ million/year pitcher after the 2010 season. If he signs a seven-year deal like Zito, I have him at around $22 million/year

I don't want to start playing funeral music or act like we're at the end of days, but that type of money is hard for anyone to pass on, not along a pro athlete with a shelf life. 154,000,000! And that's if his performance stays on line. Enjoy Kazmir in Rays colors for now folks, David Price might be the replacement, not the supplement.

Huge thanks to Bradbury, visit his site, and buy his book, The Baseball Economist, right now it's 6 dollars on Amazon, trust me that's one hell of a deal, and in this case on the opposite end of the Kazmir spectrum for equal value.