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I'm sure most of you know we like Keith Law around these parts, and we don't really talk a ton about the Hall of Fame - induct Fred McGriff!- well over at his personal blog Law is tallying the ballots published and frankly it's a shame that evidently Bert Blyleven may not make the 75% needed to get in.

Tom Tango looks at just how bad of a glove is outweighed by a good bat.

The overlord, Blez, chats with the prospects' judge, jury, and executioner (not really, most of the time) John Sickels.

One of my favorite SBN writers, Jesse from TwinkieTown, takes a look at Jason Pridie, interesting read.

Oh and apparently Bishoff went and pissed off Canada, good times.

A really, really good read on international baseball.