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So Peter King is a Rays Fan?

Got an email telling me that writer Peter King was on Mike & Mike this morning and was wearing a new Rays' sweatshirt. I know there's a pic floating around of him in a new Rays cap, but back-to-back days of King wearing Rays gear? Said photo can be found here, I'm still searching for a screenshot of the sweatshirt.

On Wikipedia it lists his birthplace as Springfield Massachusetts and his favorite team as - no surprise - the Boston Red Sox. Some investigation work is required, maybe he lost a bet to a fellow writer.

Apparently we'll have the audio of his interview soon thanks to Bryan Drake of 1470, the producer of the Scott Brantley show.

Update: Here is the aforementioned audio (right click > save target as > ect.), as heard on The Scott Brantley Show, a huge thanks goes out to Bryan Drake, again the producer of the show, we really do appreciate all the show has done for us, whether it be the departed Bobby Fenton, Scot Brantley, Drake, or anyone else involved.