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Rays Sign John Rodriguez

Encina, Cannizaro signing also announced, but we all ready talked about that one.

Rodriguez is 30, left handed, and walks, meaning I like him. He's formerly a Cardinal outfielder, and spent all of last season in AAA Memphis. He might be the first one up when an outfielder goes down to injury and seems like an insurance policy to keep a platoon alive if Floyd goes down, that is until you notice he hits lefties better than righties.

That Durham outfield is getting stuffed: Chris Richard, Fernando Perez, Justin Ruggiano, Rashad Eldridge, Jon Weber, and now Rodriguez battling for four spots - including DH - maybe there's a trade in the works?

I like the move frankly, it's not a mountain mover, and we still have areas to address: see third baseman and left handed reliever, but at least we're making the most of our spring training invites.