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Break Over, Back to Work

Sometimes miscalculations are made - like say giving a day to contact a number of people in order for an awards post - that's my fault, and because we are contacting the winners of at least three DRB awards we're going to pull the final poll tallies back from tomorrow afternoon to tonight around 10. I'm not sure if we can lock polls, but at 10 we'll note each of the leaders and over the next two days contact who we need to contact in order to have the Friday awards' wrap-up go on like planned - otherwise we're rushing to do it or sending out info to people who might get passed in a last day rat race - and frankly neither of those sounds too appealing.

Oh and my "break" is pretty much over, I'll be back tomorrow with a real post.

Update [2008-1-9 22:2:16 by R.J. Anderson]: Voting has officially ended and we'll have our awards post within the next two days - just waiting on another reply.