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You're Not Worthy: Mike and the Mad Dog HOF List

At one time,  the sports radio the brain trust of Mike Francesa and Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo of sportsradio66 WFAN were considered some kind of sports experts. That time was the early days of sports radio in mid 1980s, and the stuff they spew out now on the air now is almost un-listenable - Its about time.   Maybe its just that the their time has come and gone, and the fans are simply just more knowledgeable.

Well, on the airwaves yesterday they were talking about the Hall of Fame Results, and who was or was not deserving of being enshrined in Cooperstown. A little different, than the Keltner list, their  criteria is as follows:

  1. You need to be a dominant player in the years you played
  2.  You need to read the back of their baseball card and see at least 10 Hall of Fame like Years offensively
  3. Number of times the player made the All-star game is huge.
  4. Defense does not matter
  5. There are no corrections or equivalences if you play on a good or bad team.
Based on this criteria ,  Mark McGwire  is in. Here are the results on who they said are not HOF caliber players:

Tim Raines.  Just 7 Hall of Fame years. He was a speedster, but agreed injuries did not get him enough career numbers.
Bert Blyleven.  3.30 ERA , 3700 Ks , 287 W not good enough for Mike and MadDog. I think Sutton in,  Bert out. Crazy!

Andre Dawson.  Career 400 Hrs but less than 10 dominant years. This guy would hit 600 on what was in McGwire's locker.

Dale Murphy.  Career 398 Hrs. His 1982-1987 were amazing. Played on some bad teams. Murphy out, but Kirby Pucket in?

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