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Upton/Longoria Revisited

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A while ago, perhaps June, I made a post stating that the Upton/Longoria combination would soon be the best in baseball. Since then we learned that Upton was playing with one arm and that Evan is even better than expected. Just how good were they? Well using Justin's Total Value (offensive and defensive) numbers I compared them to David Wright and Jose Reyes:

Rays Combo: 82 runs/8.2 wins
Mets Combo: 118 runs/11.8 wins

Pretty impressive, considering injuries and age (23.5 average for the Rays, 25 for the Mets) plus those numbers are league and park adjusted. So the Rays have the potential for a more devastating combination than Reyes/Wright for far less money and at equally important positions (although you could argue that a good SS is more important than a good CF, hi Tim Beckham) and that's pretty damn cool.

Now, they just need to re-sign Upton, which as you should be able to guess is one of my top three off-season priorities, but that's for later.