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Rays making splash with international signings.

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Rays have begun to get prospects besides using the draft but also using the international process.

Six-figure signings: SS Julian Morillo, Dominican Republic, 16; SS Hector Guevara, Venezuela, 16; C Omar Narvaez, Venezuela, 16; RHP Wilmer Sabala, Venezuela, 16

The Rays' farm system ranked as the best of the game entering the 2008 season, though that ranking was based almost entirely on the organization's prospects acquired through the draft. That's beginning to change as the Rays steadily become more active in Latin America. The organization appears poised to continue to make headway into Latin America, particularly with a likely boost in revenue forthcoming from the franchise's first postseason appearance and with the hiring in 2006 of Andres Reiner, a pioneer in Venezuelan scouting.


The article goes into further detail about some of the players-

Morillo- A good defensive switch-hitting SS with solid baserunning abilities.

Guevara- Another shortstop but more offensive minded.

Narvaez- Switch-hitting catcher who projects to have some power. A fracture in the right wrist though has bothered his hitting on the left-handed side of the plate.

Sabala- Pitcher with a good fastball with movement and good feel with changeup but needs to work on his other pitches.


Source- Baseball America