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Silver Lining: Kazmir

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So I just looked at the pitchf/x data and did a little jig. Of those 111 pitches Scott Kazmir threw, 38 of them were sliders.

38! That's 34% of his pitches. Kaz threw 9.6% of his total pitches for sliders during the regular season, heck only 19% of his pitches in 2007 were sliders. The horizontal break was -1.43, last season Kazmir's slider only broke 0.81. The vertical breaks are nearly identical. Holy crap! Of those 38 sliders it appears that five, or half of Kazmir's total swinging strikes, were produced.

Whoever convinced Kazmir to throw his bendy thing should be sworn in as a knight. Kazmir might be back.


Kalk's 2007 player card

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