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It's 1 o'clock in the afternoon the day after

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I got 3 hours of sleep and class in an hour. Last nights game was amazing. I am trying to write here so don't laugh too hard but here I go....

Pictures will be added later.

Before the game Matt Garza was in the dugout. He usually listens to his music before a start but there was something about him tonight. He was in the zone I could tell just by looking. I do not know what he was listening to  (most likely Tupac) but whatever it was he was jamming. He was singing along and moving his arms in the air like Eminem in 8 Mile. He even at times would put his finger in a "gun" shape and pop it. This was a moment in which I knew we had a chance. Garza might be a crazy but my god he is a phenominal pitcher. His fastball was on last night and the occasional slider or curve makes him dangerous.


The moment that will probably stand out on the offensive side of Game 7 was Rocco Baldelli's RBI single. I have always been a Rocco fan and what he has gone through you all know. It just was one of the satisfying moments of life. It shows a reason why people play this child game even as adults, why people love to see the underdog come through. Rocco may not play a game after this year, we never know, but the moments he has from this post-season and year are memories that some would trade their lives for. I witnessed him in Spring Training playing, a couple of days later he was giving an interview about the recent findings of his medical condition. Watching him give another interview after we clinched the playoff spot vs. the Twins and one tonight was a moment I would not trade many things in the world for. Unlike the interview in the spring, in which he had tears of fear and sadness that his time playing the game he loves so much might be gone forever, he was holding back tears of joy and he deserves any moment he gets. No matter what happens Rocco Baldelli is one person I will tell my grandchildren and children about not for what he did on the field but for that never give up attitude.

My Father was at the game and ended up behind the bullpen. He said he talked to Price before the game, my Dad had his "Price is Right" shirt on we got from our trip to see him pitch in Vero Beach. He told Price how good he thought he was and how he was going into the game to close it out tonight. Fast Forward to the 8th inning. Price is done warming up and Ramos walks over. He throws the water from his gatorade cup onto the mound Price is standing on. Ramos then looks at Price and says "Are you ready to go in?" to which Price replied "Yes." Ramos then said again, this time shaking and screaming, "Are you ready to go in!?" to which Price replied louder, "YES!" Ramos then yelled, "Trot on out there and show them your stuff kid." Price then walked out and the rest is history.

The way they won and how they came through when everyone claimed they were done was how this team does it this year. I still feel numb at the thought of how far they have come but I want one more big celebration this year.