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Garza v. Moyer

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Pitcher tRA Ball% SwStr% ClStr% GB%
Garza 4.4 36.6 7.6 14.6 41.5
Moyer 4.85 37.9 6.7 18.6 43.1

Statistics courtesy of StatCorner

Garza was born in 1983, Moyer was drafted out of St. Joseph's University in 1984. Garza's fastball sits around 93/94, Moyer's fastball tops out at 82/83. Garza allows 0.93 HR/9, walks 2.88/9 and strikes 6.24/9. Moyer allows 0.92 HR/9, walks 2.84/9, and strikes 5.64/9. These two are almost nothing alike, yet entirely similar. Don't sleep on Moyer because of his age or velocity, he's not as bad as you're thinking, assuming that Moyer doesn't go to bed around 8/8:30 it should be a decent match-up with the Rays having about a half-run edge.