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The Post Where I Try to Be Poetic But Instead Fail

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So we're down 3-1, and this is potentially the last night of an amazing season and as a I reflect I'm simply not depressed. I'm disappointed that we may see no more baseball in St. Pete until next April, but depressed? No. After game six of the ALCS I was far worse off. I believe I told SRQMan that all I wanted was to go to the World Series, and whether we won or loss was irrelevant at that point.

As a baseball fan you're always conditioned to believe the World Series is the pinnacle. I imagine this would be different if we're up 3-1, but the more I think about it the more I was fascinated more so by the ALCS. My emotions were present and increased to an alarming rate as that series drew to a close. I think it had to do with the anticipation, opponent, and the improbability of it all. It was poetic, dramatic, and at times downright senseless, but the ALCS was pretty much the most amazing thing I've witnessed as a fan.

That's not meant to insult the World Series or the Phillies, but really, there was no reason to hate the Phillies. They are a good team, and for whatever reason I don't consider Jamie Moyer someone I would hope for failure upon. There are no Coco Crisp characters, or Dustin Pedroias, or even Kevin Youkilis. Yes, the Phillies are good, but I have no history against them. Cole Hamels is awesome, Chase Utley is awesome, and hell, some of the Phillies' fans boo Jimmy Rollins, how could I hate someone who comes so close to home?

We may very well lose this series, but I refuse to be ashamed or regret anything that happened this season. We survived the group of death, won two playoff series, and slayed the dragon. The Phillies simply caught fire at the right time. So tonight, enjoy it. Don't think about tomorrow, or yesterday, just enjoy those 54 outs because even if the 2008 season ends on the field, the accomplishments should not be forgotten anytime soon.

As an aside this is the first World Series I've watched with full attention and let me just say: the umpiring is atrocious. The strike zones have been questionable, both sides have had obvious calls blown, and unfortunately I'm thinking that people will be talking about the missed tags and strike/ball gate more so than the actual games, and really that's a disservice to the champions, whomever that might be. Open up instant replay and add robot strike callers in 2009.