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Recap: Ozzie Guillen called This a Must-Win. Oops.

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The first inning was disastrous. But as many times as I've said this is a turning point for Scott Kazmir, this game was a turning point for Scott Kazmir. He only went 5.2 innings, but it looks like after the 2nd, he finally learned you can't pump fastballs 80% of the time, but you CAN pump fastballs 70% of the time. Mixing in his change and slider(Finally), and he actually seemed to have better control.

Grant Balfour laughs at your silly Chicago White Sox.

J.P. Howell is amazing. 

Chad Bradford is good at groundballs.

Akinori Iwamura will get my hitters post, no need to dwell on him here.

B.J. Upton just reminds you why he's so good constantly. Not many people can turn that ball into a triple easy. B.J is one. Carl got a few hits, and Navi got a kep bloop. Rocco had a few solid line drives, and one finally got in the outfield.

Road to Eleven: