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Rays + Milton Bradley = Happy Times?

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Ben Reiter on said this about Milton Bradley and the Rays being the best fit for each other.

Emotional and injury-prone, and most likely mainly a DH at age 30, but when he plays, he hits (.999 OPS in '08). Rays not inclined to sign or retain players who might become distractions (Barry Bonds, Delmon Young), but Bradley could be worth the risk, especially considering their lack of production from rightfield.

He also lists Rocco Baldelli and the Rays being the best fit, which is not a surprise, 

Admirably dealt with his mitochondrial disease in the post-season, but the energy-sapping disorder makes him necessarily a part-time player. Even so, was the best of the Rays' rightfield options down the stretch, and would be a fine reserve going forward.

Bradley would be worth it but could he play RF (20 games in the OF because of a torn ligament from last season) but he could be a good DH. How much would you guys give him?