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Bay in the ALDS

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Watching this series, my buddy House kept saying how bad Jason Bay was. Not really bad, just that he would be exploited in the AL East next year because he could not hit a decent breaking ball. Well, against the stiff competetion of the Angels in the ALDS he showed up and had the best series of any Red Sox player.

He hit .412/.474/.882 with 2 HRs in the series. My friend said that he did most of his damage at the beginning of the series before the Angels started to pitch him backward (much like I do in Whiffle Ball), working off the breaking stuff.

*Those that saw the first version of the post, my bad I accidently hit "Publish" in stead of "Preview."

I went back and looked at pitchFX for every AB and rewatched every AB (except two where mlbtv was acting up). Here are the pitch sequences, the results, and some general impressions.

Game 1

AB 1



Lackey   SPD Pitch Result
1 92 FB Called strike
2 93 FB Ball
3 82 SL Foul
4 92 FB Ball
5 81 CB Swinging strike

Looked silly on the CB down and away. After pounding the zone down and out, he got him to flail at the CB.


AB 2



Lackey SPD Pitch Result
1 93 FB Ball
2 91 FB Called strike
3 83 SL Swinging Strike
4 81 CB Swinging Strike

Almost the same AB as the first. Pounds the outside-low FB, then gives him the breaking stuff out of the zone. Looked absolutely silly swinging at one out and in the dirt.


AB 3



Lackey SPD Pitch Result
1 79 CB Called strike
2 90 FB Homerun

Starts him off with the CB this time. Then Lackey leaves a fastball up in the zone, and Bay punishes it.


AB 4



Shields SPD Pitch Result
1 79 CB Ball
2 79 CB Called Strike
3 79 CB 2B to RF

Shields also pitches him backward. Leaves a one-strike curve over the outside corner and Bay shoots it to RF.

Bay went 2-4 on the game with 2 Ks, a HR, and a 2B. He made 2 very nice cuts on two mistakes (the FB up in the zone by Lackey and the CB that caught too much of the plate), but also got fooled badly on 3 breaking pitches (the two CBs Lackey buried and the slider just off the outside corner).


Game 2






Santana SPD Pitch Result
1 89 SL Called strike
2 87 SL Ball in dirt
3 87 SL Ball
4 87 SL Called strike
5 87 SL Homerun


Having already thrown 9 sliders (of 17 pitches) before Bay steps into the batter’s box in the first, Bay gets a heavy dose of Santana’s slider. After starting him off with one that was very hittable that Bay passes on, he misses badly on the next two. The fourth just stays on the inside corner. Santana doesn’t bury the slider the way he needed to with 2 strikes, and Bay punishes one in the bottom of the zone to put the Sox up 4-0 in the first.


AB 2



Santana SPD Pitch Result
1 97 FB Ball
2 86 SL Called strike
3 95 FB Ball
4 95 FB Ball
5 96 FB Ground out 3B

Stays patient through the AB and makes Santana throw a strike. Grounds out on a hittable FB low in the zone.


AB 3



Santana SPD Pitch Result
1 83 SL Ball
2 83 SL Called strike
3 95 FB Fly out RF

Lays  off two sliders. Goes down to get a FB on the outside corner, seemed to be sitting fastball, and flies out to RF.





Arredondo SPD Pitch Result
1 95 FB Called strike
2 80 CB Called strike
3 88 FB Ball in dirt
4 94 FB LD 1B to RF

After watching the first 4 pitches, Bay shoots a FB on the outside corner to RF.





Rodriguez SPD Pitch Result
1 93 FB Ball
2 91 FB Ball
3 92 FB Foul
4 80 CB Foul
5 85 CH 1B to 3B

After the second base ump blew the call at second and Drew homers, Bay steps in against K-Rod. Lays off 2 fastballs that miss badly. Then fouls off a couple of pitches on the outside corner. Awarded a hit on a roller that Chone tries to bare-hand.

Bay goes 3-5 with a HR and 2 singles, fortunate to get one of those on a weak grounder that Figgans mishandles. The homer off the SL was off one that frisbeed in there. It didn’t have a whole lot of "bite" to it.



Game 3

AB 1



Saunders SPD Pitch Result
1 92 FB Called Strike
2 93 FB Ball
3 74 CB Ball
4 93 FB Ball
5 93 FB Foul
6 94 FB Ground out to 3B

Patience once again, fouls off a good hitter’s fastball up in the zone in a 3-1 count, then rolls over on an outside FB.


AB 2



Saunders SPD Pitch Result
1 94 FB Ball
2 85 CH Ball
3 93 FB Swinging Strike
4 93 FB Fly out RF.

Couldn't watch... ehhh

AB 3



Saunders SPD Pitch Result
1 83 CH Foul
2 95 FB Foul
3 84 CH Ball
4 82 CH Ball in dirt
5 83 CH Ball in dirt
6 95 FB Foul
7 84 CH Ball in dirt

Couldn't watch... ehhh (this is the only AB that he swings at the first pitch in the entire series)

AB 4