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Do Doooooo Doooooo

This interview has to be a joke, right? The Bach? My goodness J.P. Howell is awesome.

Ph_434442_mediumAh this is my jam.

Ph_425834_mediumHello James Phillip Howell, what song are you speaking of?

Ph_434442_mediumYello man you know just some rap classical stuff man

Ph_425834_mediumI too like rap. Care if borrow your earbuds?

Ph_434442_mediumUhh I dunno man kinda jamming ya dig

Ph_425834_mediumI let you borrow my CunninLynguists CD, just let me listen for a second.


Ph_425834_mediumSee not so bad. What song is this, your iPod says unknown artist?

Ph_434442_mediumI dunno man some indy stuff prolly

Ph_425834_mediumNo, I've heard this before.

Ph_425834_mediumSay wait.

Ph_425834_mediumIs this the Muppets Babies theme?

Ph_434442_mediumJust close your eyes and make believe and you can be anywhere

Ph_434442_mediumDon't tell anybody damn