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Another Attendance Post

I finally got around to doing stuff with that data. In the below graphs the blue line is the actual attendance markings, while the red line is the "moving average", it starts after the 9th home game in order to avoid extremely small sample sizes.



For those wondering, the top 10 attended games:

Attnd. Opp. Month
34805 BAL August
36048 BOS April
34145 BOS June
36048 BOS July
34441 CHC June
36048 CHW May
36048 DET August
36048 MIN September
36048 MIN September
36048 SEA April

And the bottom 10:

Attnd. Opp. Month
8269 TOR April
8989 TOR April
9540 TOR April
10511 TEX May
10927 TEX May
11898 SEA April
12039 LAA May
12106 SEA April
12146 BAL April
12174 TEX May

Just from these two tables it seems the attendance tide shifted sometime in May.