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Bullpen's Leveraged Runs Saved


Using Leverage Index and getting Leveraged Runs Saved. The formula is (5.75 (4.75 for relievers)-ERA)*(IP/9)*(LI). One minor change, instead of ERA I'm using tRA (minus -.35 to set it on a ERA scale), so in reality it's 4.75-tRA* (IP/9)*LI. All relievers with at least 20 innings pitched for the Rays (and weren't waived) are included:


Pitcher IP tRA pLI LRS
Balfour 58.3 2.08 1.26 24.65
Howell 89.3 3.68 1.26 17.75
Wheeler 66.3 4.72 1.72 4.81
Miller 43.3 4.79 0.84 1.25
Percival 45.7 5.59 1.8 -4.48
Hammel 78.3 6.19 0.73 -6.92

Interestingly I decided to run the numbers for Huston Street (22.58) and Kevin Gregg (20.32) and neither touch Balfour despite having higher pLIs. J.P. Howell was the only other Ray with double digit LRS. Dan Wheeler/Trever Miller were passable. Jason Hammel is disgustingly bad, yuck. Who wants to start a "Jason Hammel's DFA Date" pool? Or perhaps "Traded for cash" pool.