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2008 Player Reviews: Nando

Fernando Perez, who began the year in AAA and off the radar of most prospect lists. Fernando Perez's best weapon is his insane speed and his ability to defy normal BABIP standards. He also has good patience, posting a very good 18% O-Swing. Basically, he went from a relative unknown to a RF candidate for 2009.

Perez began the year in AAA as mentioned earlier, where he hit .288/.360/.393 in 511 ABs. Interestlingly to note, it was his 3rd year in a row where he posted a BABIP over .400 in the minors, further explaining his major speed. The stadium in Durham also has that monster wall that could have sapped his power, so keep that in mind. Perez played good D in CF all year, and snagged 43 bags.

As a september callup, Perez excelled, hitting .250/.348/.433 while posting a BABIP .100 points off his career average, at .293. He primarily played RF where he graded fairly well, and was a big speed threat. For next year, I would guess his BABIP would regress to the .340 range, and his power would rest at .420 SLG or so. .300/.360/.420 sounds about right, add in Defense, and Perez couls definitely be a formidable RF option.