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Random Ramblings

Tommy and I have been talking about RF/DH options a lot lately. Almost to the point to overload. I think I finally reached a conclusion, and I'll keep this brief:

- We lead the league in team O-Swing% last season.

- We were 10th in OBP.

- We were 13th in SLG.

Obviously more OBP would be nice, but I've actually arrived at the realization that I would be willing to punt some of that for a power hitter who hacks. That leads me to Juan Rivera. He's not a good defender, and not my ideal player whatsoever, but he does have some power, and again, we're overlooking his weaknesses for that power -- a lot like Eric Hinske/Cliff Floyd, only rolled into one, and right-handed. 

In fact: if Rivera simply had a career norm slugging percentage of .468 he would've ranked third on the team in SLG last season. In 2008 Rivera didn't hit his usual amount of liners and had an awful BABIP, but if he can regain his .394 wOBA* from 2006, he wouldn't be a bad option.

For a cheap enough deal, he'd be a decent risk worth taking.


Also, I know it might go for naught, but I really want Jason Giambi at DH. So bad.