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Dear Omar,

If you or one of your interns just so happen to read this, I would like to give you the rundown on why you should most certainly trade for Edwin Jackson. Oh, and do so quickly so those Rays fellers don't come to their senses...

Meet Edwin Jackson:

14 victories. That lead the staff and was more than "All-Star" Scott Kazmir.

101 ERA+, higher than Pedro Martinez, one of the greatest pitchers ever.

Ate over 180 innings. You can't find innings eaters like that on the free agency market.

Only 25, still has ace potential.

Walked less, although that's not important, what is important is he allowed less runs.

Pitched to contact better, and keeps fielders "in the game", and he also likes to walk batters, so they become lazy and disinterested.  Oh, and his fielders? They weren't even that good.

Learned how to pitch, not throw, despite having a young catcher behind the plate. Imagine him with a true gamecaller!

Nothing is wrong with his arm, says Joe Magrane.

Dependable (31 starts each of the past two seasons)

Playoff experience.

Once was highly touted, even more so than Kazmir.

Throws hard.

Fun, outgoing personality, gels well with the clubhouse.  A glue-like substance.

Regression? What is this, statistics class?

Went 9-5 in the second half (when games matter) despite a 5.15 ERA -- but most importantly gave his team the opportunity to win.

Omar, can you really pass that up? I mean, come on guy. I just feel so bad about the Kazmir/Zambrano deal that I want you guys to have your young ace back, only his name is now Edwin and he's from Germany.