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Good News on the Giambi Market

When you put together a list of suitors for Giambi, Oakland jumps to the top of teams who might be in the market for a first baseman or DH. Toronto as well, but they seem more interested in Milton Bradley than Giambi. There seems to be some potentially good news on our end, as this comes from Ken Rosenthal:

The A's have requested and received the medical records of Nationals first baseman Nick Johnson, who underwent season-ending wrist surgery last June.

Johnson figures to come cheap, since the Nationals acquired Josh Willingham to play first base, and would leave the Athletics with Jack Cust at DH, Johnson/Daric Barton at first, and an outfield swamped with useful parts. That also likely means one less potential suitor for Giambi, who could see his price drop right into our range.