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Fun Facts About Durham's Bullpen

- Nick Debarr lead the International League in pitches thrown by a reliever with 1,470. In 78 innings, that's 18.85 pitches per inning. The next highest was almost 100 behind.

- Scott Dohmann and Juan Salas finished 5th and 6th in swinging strike percentage for all IL relievers.

- Dohmann also lead the IL relievers with the highest balls hit foul percentage. Interestingly Dale Thayer finished third, and former Bulls Evan Meek and Jon Switzer finished top 10.

- Debarr also had the most balls batted/put into play.

- Calvin Medlock was near the top in flyball percentage, not good.

- Salas finished third in infield fly percentage.

- Two more tidbits on Debarr: he had one of the lowest BABIPs in the Indy league and yet one of the highest tRAs.

- Thayer had one of the highest BABIPs, as did Kurt Birkins.


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