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Floyd/Miller's Options Declined

Money coming off of next year's payroll: 4 million

Actual money freed = 3.35 million (0.25 mil buyout for Floyd, 0.4 mil for Miller)


This seems to mean that free talent (see: cheap, undervalued, ect.) is on the way to the Rays LOOGY spot. Assuming James Houser Jr. isn't ready quite yet, I could see Brian Shouse (high GB%, .~.400ish OPS v. LHB, better tRA than Miller) as an option. Miller wasn't awful, but the Rays can do better for cheaper.

Floyd was pretty decent as well,  and frankly I found myself liking him more than I should have. I'm guessing this might be the end of his career and that's too bad. Floyd has been in the majors since I started liking baseball, and a league without him is going to be odd. Nevertheless, I would assume someone like Raul Ibanez might replace him. We'll see though.