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Tufte-Silver Rays Chart

Sometime ago, Nate Silver did a series of Tufte-inspired articles with graphical representation of a team's 40 man roster. Unfortunately, Silver was too busy with some election this past November to do the 2008 version. Instead of living on a prayer, I've decided to apply his style to our 40 man situation. The graphs are pretty simply, but here's a key:

Green = Good. The darker the green, the better the player.
Red = Bad. The darker the red, the worst the player.
Blue = Average or unknown.
A = Arbitration eligible.

Think of it as the salary chart I stopped updating, only in visual form.

As always, a lot of this is subjective and I didn't attempt to project prospects, so you won't see a red brick in Brignac's 2009 cell, then light green in 2010, ect. This chart serves two purposes: A) giving an idea of who's here and for how long, and B) giving an idea of how much (or little) talent we have at each position.