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The Mets Are Amusing

If you've glanced at the Rotoworld sidebar you've probably seen the report of the Mets talking to the Rays about Andrew Sonnanstine and Edwin Jackson. I simply refused to believe that Omar Minaya of all GMs would properly value Sonnanstine as someone he should pursue. It appears I'm correct.

Just met Craig Landis, the representative for free-agent tarting pitchers Ryan Dempster and Jon Garland. They're clearly not the top options for the Mets - that would be Derek Lowe and Oliver Perez - but they'll have to consider them. Landis said he had a brief meeting with the Mets in which they expressed "preliminary" interest in his clients.

Jon Garland is hideous. How bad? Edwin, Mark Hendrickson, Barry Zito, Jarrod Washburn,and Scott Olsen had better tRAs. They only have "some" interest in  him, but frankly that's too much. It seems like the Mets are going to sign a high priced arm whether he's good or not, so yeah, there's a real unlikely chance that the Mets will be the ones to deal for Sonnanstine.