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Winter Meetings Day Four Open Thread

Tommy will have some words about the Rule 5 draft in the morning, but Lancaster gives us some teasers heading into the last day of the meetings.


“We made some progress on a couple different trade fronts today,” Andrew Friedman allowed in his meeting with the local beat writers a short time ago. “There’s certainly a scenario in which something gets done before I get on a plane tomorrow.”

What might one of those deals be? At this point, there’s no telling. But it sounds like many of the rumors that have made their way out this week have only minimal basis in reality. Then again, who knows? Maybe they’ll swing a deal for Rick Ankiel or someone along those lines before the long flight home. Stay tuned.

There's also a few notes on the bullpen upgrades, Rule 5 draft, and even the meeting with Bobby Abreu's agent.

Tomorrow shall be fun.