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Draysbay is the official splits capital of the world this week. So, in discussions we've wondered about splits improving, what splits make you a platoon player, etc.

Using RJ and Tommy's players here are their first year's splits and their career (both against LHP). I generally used their first season around 50 games, but who knows. I took Ankiel out because he's weird. How do you judge when his first year was? For Damon there are two numbers, his OPS in his first and second years because he played in like 40 the first one. Here's the data in beautiful tabular form.


Player  Career Year 1
Dunn  0.833 0.906
Matsui  0.803 0.714
J.D. Drew  0.797 0.842
Markakis  0.787 0.711
Giles  0.78 0.94
Abreu  0.776 0.623
Damon  0.747 .576/.591
Hamilton  0.745 0.588
Hawpe  0.739 0.497
Ethier  0.736 0.846
Ibanez  0.733 0.789
Hermida  0.73 0.609
Joyce  0.721 0.711
Crawford  0.695 0.55