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LHP Chris Capuano

Coming off UCL reconstructive surgery. He'll probably remain with the Brewers while working towards a rotation spot, but his splits against left-handers are absolutely delicious (.619 OPS).

LHP Randy Flores

Has always had unusually high BABIPs. 2008 saw his strikeout and walk rates go whack. Had a pretty solid 2007, and nothing stands out besides the LD% and BABIP.

LHP John Bale

Career stats indicate situational lefty, yet the Royals used Bale in 13 games and he wound up with 26 innings and saw more righties than lefties.

RHP Takashi Saito

He'd appeal to all the "ZOMG CLOSER" types, but unlike some, he's actually a solid pitcher. Had some elbow surgery last year, but returned before the season ended. Good for 1-1.5 WAR as a reliever, and as a player entering arbitration in his first year, he's worth about 3 mil. Reports have him asking for 3.5 million.