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Garret Anderson? No Thanks Pt. 2

St. Pete Times: contributor Jonah Keri announced plans to write a book on the Rays' "Wall Street approach" to the game. The team is neither cooperating with the project nor particularly enthused.

Also hitter odds are given.

• Anderson: Somewhat of a sleeper candidate, but long relationship with manager Joe Maddon and steady production make him appealing. 8-1.

Please no. Even worse:

"I love GA. GA is wonderful," Rays Manager Joe Maddon, who won a World Series with Anderson as the Angels bench coach in 2002, said Monday at baseball’s annual winter meetings. “Actually I thought over the last two seasons … GA’s game got even stronger. When we played against him, I thought he was very crisp the last time, running well, the whole nine yards.

Los Angeles Times

Maddon's not lying, Anderson really has been better the past two seasons, observe:


Season wRAA
2004 2.9
2005 -5.6
2006 -6.4
2007 6.1
2008 -1.4

Yeah, no.


Former Ray Joel Guzman signed with the Nationals, as did Ryan Langerhans.