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Dohmann To Japan; Garza out of WBC

NPB Tracker

Sponichi is reporting that the Hiroshima Carp are close to acquiring Rays’ reliever Scott Dohmann. Dohmann has 166 strikeouts in 172 2/3 career innings, but has also have a 1.598 career whip. The Carp would use him as a set-up man.

Dohmann went 2-0 with 12 games with the Rays in '08. He went to Durham posted an impressive 49 K's in 41 innings and a FIP of 2.41. Command has always been Dohmann's problem(5.00 BB/9 career), but sources say "there's nothing wrong with his arm." Good luck, Dohmannator.


An old fracture in Garza's right foot, suffered six or seven years ago, began giving the starter trouble midway through the season, and he had surgery to correct it five days after the Rays' season ended.

Garza had been pursued by Mexico for the WBC and was under consideration for the U.S. team, but players who have had offseason surgery can't play in the tournament.

Given the jump in innings for Garza, plus Jim Hickey's don't pick up a baseball till spring rule, it was unlikely that the Rays were going to let Garza compete in the WBC anyway. This means Mexico's manager, Vinny Castilla, will have to find an ace elsewhere.