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Preliminary 2009 Rays Payroll Updated


Player  $ 
Crawford  8.25
Pena  8
Kazmir  6
Percival  4
Bradford  3.5
Iwamura  3.25
Wheeler  3.2
Shields  1.5
Longoria  0.55
Balfour  0.5
Price  0.4
Niemann  0.4
Bartlett  0.4
Gross  0.4
Navarro  0.4
Upton  0.4
Garza  0.4
Aybar  0.4
Howell  0.4
Sonnan.  0.4
Riggans  0.4
Joyce 0.4
Rodriguez 0.4
Perez 0.4
Hammel 0.4
Total 44.75

Arb1 players:





Arb3 players:


I can't see any of the Arb1 players getting more than Gomes received last season (1.25 million) and if each do, that's 5 million, plus whatever raise Balfour gets. Trading a high priced reliever and giving his salary to Balfour seems to be in good interest, then give the remaing 6ish million to the new DH and NRI a few relievers.

Unfortunately, this makes Gross even more likely to be traded or something. In the long run,  Gross is an average player, and while that seems like a simple asset, they're harder to find than you would expect. Thankfully, it appears we have two potential average outfielders in Fernando Perez and Justin Ruggiano. Perhaps a Gross/reliever package for some undervalued reliever on another team?