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The 10 Prospects Evaluated

First I'd like to thank Brick for doing the community prospect list. This isn't really connected, and I don't want him thinking I'm stepping on his toes, so I wanted to get that out of the way.  With that done, I wanted to post my top 10 prospects list.


Position Player WAR
SP Price 5.5
SS Beckham 4.5
SP Davis 3.5
SP Hellickson 3.5
CF Jennings 3.5
SP Talbot 3
SS Brignac 3
CF Perez 2
RP McGee 1.5
RP Niemann 1.5

The WAR is a combination of ceiling and production exhibited thus far. Rundown:

Price - Obvious. Great everything, should dominate. 

Beckham - Physical tools are there, no production yet, but I'm not concerned.

Davis - I see him comparing to Dustin McGowan. I'm concerned about his performance this year.

Hellickson - Scott Baker deux.

Jennings - Injuries are concerning. Physical tools are there, production as well.

Talbot - My love.

Brignac - In the end, I'm unsure of how much offense translates over. Banking on his defense being in the +5 range.

Perez - Good defense, unsure of his bat.

McGee/Niemann - It's hard to be a really, really good reliever. I think both have chances of being around Howell's 2008 level.

It's hard to judge the younger players, so I tried avoiding guys like Matt Moore.  Thoughts?