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Abreu's asking price? Reportedly, 3yr/48 million

Ken Rosenthal passes this note about Bobby Abreu.

Bobby Abreu has produced six straight 100-RBI seasons, averaged 159 games the past eight years and built a .405 career on-base percentage.

Why, then, isn't he getting more play on the free-agent market?

Evidently, his price is too high.

Abreu, who turns 35 on March 11, is looking for a three-year, $48 million contract, one executive says.

Wow, if that is the truth then we can surely cross him off the list, at least for now. Abreu is a great hitter, no doubt, but that is a little ridiculous for a 35 year old who's defense rivals that of Shelly Duncan and Jack Cust. While still a very good hitter, his wOBA has average out to .364 over the past two years, which is good, but still about .30 points below his career mark. Maybe divide that $48 million by three and shave off a year and we can talk.