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Update on the Baldelli news

According to the Heater:

OF Rocco Baldelli clarified the Rhode Island TV report this morning, saying there has been an updated diagnosis and it is "an encouraging development" and with adjustments to his current medication he hopes "to be on the field on a much more regular basis.

Baldelli said he was not orginally "misdiagnosed" as reported by WLNE-TV, but that the original diagnosis of a mitochondrial disorder was "the best diagnosis at the time.''

"It's definitely an encouraging development,'' Baldelli said this morning from his Rhode Island home. "Knowing this is a treatable condition, I feel this is a very positive thing for me and my baseball career. With this less-severe diagnosis, I hope to be on the field on a much more regular basis.''

Well that should clear up the discussion earlier about the validity of this report.  Seems it was true.

It's a tremendous break for Rocco.  If he can treat this disease and be on the field  "on a much more regular basis" then the Rays will have to re-evaluate signing Baldelli to another contract.