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Dan Johnson Sold to Japan

Nikkan Sports is reporting that the Yokohama BayStars of Japan have acquired Dan Johnson from the Rays.

Hat tip to Peter Bendix for alerting me. On one hand, I'm a bit sad to see Johnson go, despite not having a roster spot available for him next year. I realize this is purely based on his homerun off Jon Papelbon and I'm accepting of that, which is why I can overcome that moment of sadness and accept that this is best for Johnson's career. He should mash in Japan, and it doesn't hurt the that Rays get some cash in exchange for an empty 40-man roster spot either.


Johnson's career in Tampa Bay was shortlived. Not long after he was acquired on waivers was he shipped out to make room for Gabe Gross. His first plate appearance was of course the homerun, and from there he didn't do much else. Guys like Johnson are a dime-a-dozen, so this isn't a huge loss to the organizational depth.

Update: Topkin says the Rays will receive between 100-500k.