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From CBS Sportsline:

Shortstop Jason Bartlett was voted the Rays' most valuable player, and he was a big part in Tampa Bay's improbable run to the World Series.

Now the Rays are willing to trade him, according to a baseball official who has spoken to the Rays. Not only that, but the Rays have also discussed trying to reacquire Delmon Young, the outfielder who they traded to the Twins last winter to get Bartlett and Matt Garza.

It doesn't appear that the Young talks got very far, and neither did Tampa Bay's efforts to acquire Denard Span, another Twins outfielder. But the Rays are continuing to search everywhere for another outfielder, and Bartlett could be what it takes to acquire one.

Most defensive metrics were down on Bartlett this season, despite loving him before. I'm assuming that's due to a knee injury and he'll bounce back. The funny thing is, I wonder if a team would actually buy into Bartlett being the reason for the Rays success and overpay because of it.  Trading Bartlett would kill the Rays. Despite what I've said in the past, others who said I simply wasn't paying attention were right. Did anyone see our win-loss record without JB? Man, oh man.

The good news is the Rays are being quite creative in their search for a new outfielder. Bartlett is hardly irreplaceable, and if the Rays can use the "MVP" label to sell high, by all means they should do so. I'll try and dig up some defensive data on Reid Brignac in the meanwhile.