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Books Post

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(So naturally after I link to BA's cover/store it goes down)

Yes, that is B.J. Upton. Yes that is Baseball America's Almanac. No, I have not bought that to do whatever you cruel people will suggest that I do to pictures of B.J., and no I do not plan on doing so, but you might be interested. Also worth noting, David Price is on the cover of BP2009.


His face shot is the second from the right. BP2009 features PECOTA projections and some other stuff I don't know about. My good friend Marc Normandin worked on  it though, so I'm confident there's some material worth absorbing.

Speaking of Normandin-books, did I mention he and I did a section apiece in the new Graphical Player annual? If you're into somewhat funky graphs and fantasy baseball, it's probably for you. Otherwise, I would suggest viewing a few demo pages from previous issues before making the purchase. It makes a good Christmas present too, although be forewarned that you aren't getting a ton of me, but just a snippet. That should've been my selling point.

Finally, I finished reading Derek Zumsteg's Cheaters Guide to Baseball. If you like baseball history, good writing, and facts (!) it's worth the purchase. It's not a sabermetric book either, leaving the "learning curve" at general baseball knowledge.