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Garret Anderson != DH

Joe Smith:

Roster watch: Though the Rays have improved their depth with the acquisitions of OF Matt Joyce and RHP Joe Nelson, they are still in the market for another big bat, possibly a DH.

OF Milton Bradley might be leaning toward the Cubs, making Jason Giambi, Pat Burrell, Garret Anderson and Bobby Abreu the most likely candidates for the Rays.

Over the last three seasons, Anderson has been worth 3.5 WAR, or ~1.2 annually. During that span, Anderson has amassed zero offensive runs and 6.8 defensive runs. Three years of defensive data is equal to one of offensive data, so even with that odd 2007 season, we know Anderson is a decent defender. DHs must be an above average hitter to sustain value; Anderson is not an above average hitter, therefore: his optimal value will not come as a DH. I guess you could make the case a fourth outfielder, but Gross is just as good and younger. That leaves Anderson as a bidding pawn, and a transparent one for those paying attention.

If the Rays want to add another defensive minded outfielder on the cheap, just sign Tim Raines Jr. to a minor league deal.