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A Short Post on Salary Caps and Baseball

Lately there's been a lot of talk about salary caps and baseball. Driven largely due to the Yankees free agent spending spree in which they added CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and Mark Teixeira for some large sum that most of us will never come close to earning. Most of you whom have talked to me about the topic before know I'm largely against implementing a salary cap.

No matter whether there's a floor, a cap, or simply a free market, teams like the Yankees will always earn more revenue per victory than teams like the Rays and Marlins. Right now, the Yankees use their financial advantages to sign free agents to massive, albeit market value, contracts that smaller market teams have no hope of offering. That being said, free agent contracts are only a good deal when compared to other free agent contracts.

If a cap is implemented, the Yankees will still earn a ton of revenue, but will have an excess amount of cash laying around that used to be spent on their roster. Odds are, they're going to spend that money, and on what? Well, how about amateur talent, both domestically and internationally or technology and advancements in statistical analysis as well as scouting, coaching, and front office techniques?

What would you rather have: the Yankees of current, who spend money on free agents that are usually near the end of their prime anyways, or the Yankees of a salary capped world, who have a distinct advantage in minor league talent and baseball operations?