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Rays Sign Olmedo, Salinas, Sadler, Weber

MIF Ray Olmedo, P Doug Salinas, OF Ray Sadler, and OF Jon Weber

Olmedo is a switch-hitting middle infielder who's bounced around the league the past few seasons. He's not much of a hitter whatsoever, but as a fielder there's slight value, just not enough to make up for his bat. Not to be mean, but Olmedo is essentially the definition of a replacement level infielder. In other words: welcome 2009's Andy Cannizaro everyone. Woo.

Salinas is a 20-year-old fresh off his release from the Seattle organization. A native Venezuelan, Salinas has posted decent strikeout rates and fine FIPs throughout his minor league career, but has some issues with free passes. Salinas used to reach 90+ on his fastball and was signed as a "fun project" by the Mariners. There might be some potential there. Jason Churchill of Prospect Insider said this about Salinas in early 2007:

.Expect Salinas to gradually add velocity and settle into the low-90s but he must not overuse his slider and destroy his live arm. He will have to develop confidence in his fastball and stay away from the upper portion of the strike zone as he starts to face better hitters.

And eight months later David Cameron said this:

Doug Salinas - Age is the main thing on his side, as he rarely topped 90 MPH and showed a couple of 62-68 MPH breaking balls that have no chance of getting real hitters out. Stuff did not match the hype.

Apparently Salinas still hasn't add velocity, making his fastball below average and has no out pitch of note. So much for potential.

Sadler is a former Cub draft pick with a total of eight major league at-bats, those coming for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2005. Sadler's spent the past few seasons in the Astros system, hitting decently, if not well, and seems like Durham insurance. Sadler should never see the light of St. Petersburg outside of spring training.

Weber is a re-signing. You know him from spring training and from apparently being a good guy in the Durham community.