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This is Working Out Far Too Well

Concerning Giambi to the A's:

Don't look for free-agent designated hitter Jason Giambi to join that group. Rather than bring him back, the A's might prefer to take a chance on a trade for Nationals first baseman Nick Johnson, who missed most of last season with a right-wrist injury.

Concerning the Dodgers SS hole:

Other than Furcal, who visited last week with the Oakland A's, the top remaining free-agent shortstop is Orlando Cabrera. The White Sox offered him arbitration, so the Dodgers would have to surrender their first-round draft choice to sign him, and they would prefer to explore other options. But it's a steep drop from Furcal and Cabrera to the likes of Alex Cora, Cesar Izturis and David Eckstein, so the Dodgers will be talking trade at next week's winter meetings.

Concerning the Blue Jays off-season plans:

Unfortunately, the Jays' financial situation (a sinking Canadian dollar in what's already been a poor economic climate) seems to rule out bringing any top-tier free agents north of the border.

So, it appears the two biggest opponents in the Giambi/Bradley race aren't so big after all, and Friedman's favorite trade partner, Uncle Neddy, needs a shortstop. I wonder if Dan Wheeler would be too rich for the Dodgers blood.