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Garret Anderson? No Thanks

New piece where they list which teams are supposedly interested in each player. In this article the emphasis is on sluggers with the usual names being linked to the Rays: Dunn, Burrell, Bradley, GIambi, Abreu, Rocco, and...and Garret Anderson?

Teams interested: Angels, Cubs, Mets, Yankees, Rays

Latest chatter: It has been quiet for one of the quietest stars in the game over the past 14 years. The Angels did not close the door on his return but did not, as expected, offer arbitration after not picking up his $11 option for next season.

What is he waiting for? Clubs need to grasp how much he still has to offer at 36 coming off another highly productive season, ranking second on the club in RBIs and getting 593 plate appearances, his most since 2005.

A quick look at the Marcels for those mentioned:

Abreu 0.357
Anderson 0.319
Baldelli 0.336
Bradley 0.384
Burrell 0.369
Dunn 0.372
Giambi 0.359

One of those does not fit. Well two, but one more so than the other. That's without taking defense into account. Juan Rivera isn't a perfect fit either, but Marcels has him at .332. Anderson has been called underrated so much that's he's actually overrated.