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UZR Now on FanGraphs

Perhaps the best defensive metric available, Ultimate Zone Rating developed by MGL, is now on FanGraphs. Yay! I went through and collected the UZR/150 (games) and rank for each of the Rays regulars (Note: Gross didn't qualify on the leaderboard) so you didn't have to. Here are those results:

Pos Player UZR/150 Rank PAHD PBHD
1B Pena 4.5 8 Youkilis Lee
2B Iwamura 0.6 7 Sanchez Uggla
3B Longoria 17.7 2 Lowell Beltre
SS Bartlett 2 7 Tejeda Renteria
LF Crawford 28.6 1 None Lewis
CF Upton 5 6 Beltran Victorino

"PAHD" is simply the player who ranked immediately ahead of the Rays entry, and "PBHD" is the player behind. UZR confirms what most of us thought all ready, presented here in bullet form:

- Pena is a good first baseman.

- Iwamura is pretty average at second.

- Longoria is a freaking beast. Ranking ahead of Adrian Beltre is no small feat.

- Bartlett had a down year.

- Crawford is still the best defender on the team.

- Upton was almost as good as Carlos Beltran, that's mindblowing.

Here are some other Rays UZR/150 totals:


Pos Player UZR/150
RF Gross 15.9
SS Zobrist -15
LF Zobrist 14.2
3B Aybar 13
2B Aybar 31.7