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Winter Meetings Day One Open Thread

Post any rumors, tidbits, or thoughts here for conversation and digestion.

Here's a cheat sheet on the players the Rays are reported to be interested in, using Marcels and Chone projections.

Position Player Age Proj.WAR Proj. 09$
COF Hermida 24.11 2.3 11.5
DH Giambi 37.11 2.1 10.6
DH Burrell 32.2 2.6 12.9
COF Rivera 30.6 1 5.24
DH Abreu 34.9 2 10.1
DH Dunn 29.1 2.8 14
DH Bradley 30.4 3.4 16.9

If explanation is needed:

Position: COF - corner outfield

Age: Years.Months. For instance, Dunn turned 29 one month ago.

Proj. WAR:  Using Marcels/Chone a simple WAR estimate is made, which leads to...

Proj. 09$: Essentially, how much the player projects to be worth next season, when a single WAR is worth roughly 4.84 million. This is context free, what the Rays would pay for Bobby Abreu isn't the same as what the Orioles would or the Cubs, ect.

Also, answering a question sure to be asked: I included Hermida as a way of estimating how much talent the Rays would have to give up in return. Of course, this also opens a can of worms on how one should estimate prospect worth...