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Winter Meetings Day Two Open Thread Pt. 2

Time for the night cap of the day 2 thread or the mid-afternoon cap depending on where  you are.

What we know as of now:

  • Milton Bradley likes Pizza and French Onion soup. He has also met with the Cubs as well as the Rays.
  • Depending on who you speak to, the Rays are interested in re-acquiring Delmon Young in a three way deal involving the Twins and Rockies. Others say the Rays haven't even talked to the Twins or Rockies about a deal. Somebody is lying here.
  • Jason Giambi may be returning to the A's and the Rays have shown "interest" in Garrett Anderson.
  • The Rays and Cardinals have had discussions. Rick Ankiel or Ryan Ludwick?
  • The team has no free agent meetings today.
  • K-Rod to the Mets

Reaction to all this news: