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Oh The Horror

This has been a guide-centric weekend for me: over 5,000 words typed and 30 or so projections ran. I don't expect anyone to understand what I'm talking about until you read the 2002 Rays feature and look over the R.A.Y.S. stuff for yourself, but I feel like crawling under the covers.

Some good news though; DRB pal J.D. Downie has a Rays' blog, Rays Rampant, you've seen him on these parts in the past and I'm sure you'll see him around here in the near future.

Also RotoJunkie's Jason Collette will be by this week to do an interview, their fantasy baseball guide launched on 2/18, it's worth the 15 dollars - believe me I've looked over it.

Rays wise Navarro has slimmed down. Throw in obligatory "BEST SHAPE OF LIFE" line - it's a must for every player - or BSoL, at least two of those letters make sense regarding around these cases 75% of the time.

Plus RaysBB posted the first five of the Rays' community prospect list. Thanks to Jay Bradley for putting that together.

One more note: I should be making my second appearance at The Stat Pack this week, only on their spin-off Rays blog, which is nuts considering I was their first interview on TSP. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm their leadoff hitter, and the only guy who has flooded their inboxes begging for an interview for the past three months, but hey, it worked.

And for a question to think about and discuss: how different - if any - would the team be if John Hart were hired instead of Gerry Hunsicker?