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Rays Had Deal with Lincecum

Friedman recently made a radio appearance and passed along this interesting tidbit, transcribed by our good friend Tommy at The Stat Pack:

We had Evan Longoria first on our board. We had one other pitcher...We thought Longoria was going to go two to Colorado, and we had cut a deal with Tim Lincecum, to take three. Colorado didn't take Longoria two. We found out at like 2:30 in the morning, the night before and we ended up taking Longoria, and we are ecstatic with how that turned out.

A year and a half later you really couldn't be too upset about either player being a Ray. If Lincecum can stay healthy he figures to make quite the pitcher, but there were some loose concerns on his motion and small frame. Longoria seemingly seems like a can't miss prospect, but he probably won't make his big league debut until June. This also explains the Rays further pursuit of Lincecum by floating Delmon Young towards Brian Sabean.

At least the Rockies have Greg Reynolds, I guess.