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Carl Speaks, Evan's Still Got a Shot?

Some interesting comments from Carl Crawford in this ESPN article, the one that sticks out and probably tells you all you need to know about his feelings on Delmon Young:

"That move, for Garza, spoke volumes," Crawford said. "For the first time I felt like this organization was serious about winning. That's the reason why I think everybody is excited because everybody sees that."

Either Carl is Matt Garza's biggest fan, even from his Fresno State days, or he really, really disliked Delmon. Perhaps all the talk about Carl being gone after his contract is up really is - as expected - premature, just like the idea of any player leaving at this point.

Also some interesting comments from Joe Maddon. Despite all the talk about the Longoria situation being pre-determined by the open of camp, it turns out that will no longer happen, and essentially it's his job to win based on performance.

Lederer lists three Rays in the 22/23 year old brackets.