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So Much for Cherishing the Past

Silverman had some pretty blunt comments about the name change at a recent luncheon:

"We're no longer the bottom feeding fish," Silverman said. "We're much more about the energy of the sun."

The comments were perhaps said in jest but at least two Rays fans I've spoke to - notably Fenton and Jason Collette - don't appreciate the comment. Collette even compared it to the Buccaneers; the Glazers didn't take over and change the name from Buccaneers to Sailors because Bucs are dirty plundering man-whores.

The Astros don't make fun of their old name - the Colt .45's - but I suppose if nothing else the team is conscious of projecting the optimistic approach associated with sunlight. That being said let's not make fun of bottom eating fish - most have better understandings of the strike zone than Delmon Young after all.